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My Class Is…

There are two different meanings of class. One meaning is,  where you learn something. The other meaning is your style or your lifestyle. The class that I’m going to talk about is, my lifestyle.

Everybody has something they like to do with their free time. When I have free time I like to play softball or play video games. Some people think it’s weird for a girl to play video games but I don’t really care about what other people think of me. It’s my life, so I can live however I want.

During the summer I like to stay up all night and sleep half the day, unless I’m going swimming. During the summer I people can NOT get me out of bed before noon! If anybody wakes me up before noon I will NOT be happy!

I have an older brother that says I’m lazy, well I am! (He is too) During the summer I will do whatever it takes to stay cool. My brother likes to spend his free time watching TV or playing video games. The only thing he likes to do outside in the summer is go swimming or ride bikes.

My class is lazy but active, some people like to do nothing all day, but thats okay I do that sometimes. Then other people like to be outside all day, I’m like that most of the time during the summer because I swim a lot.

So I have class. Everybody has class, some are WAY different from others, but we all have our own special class. Some people can have more than one class like me, I’m lazy and active.


D.A.R.E Essay

In D.A.R.E class, we learned why drugs can be bad for your health and body. It’s good to stay away from drugs because, if your drug free then it will be easy to accomplish your dreams. I’m sure everybody has dreams and wants to accomplish them. If you do drugs when your older, chances are your dream is not going to be accomplished.

D.A.R.E stands for…





Our D.A.R.E decision making model is…

Define…Describe your problem

Asses…The choices you have

Respond…Make a choice

Evaluate…Go over your decision

Some drugs such as marijuana can make your brain work slow, sometimes even have short-term memory loss. People who smoke marijuana have an increased risk of getting cancer. There is also more tar in marijuana smoke then there is in tobacco and there is A LOT of tar in tobacco! Once you start smoking marijuana you probably can’t stop because it can be addicting!  (marijuana is illegal in the United States)

Alcohol is another really bad drug. When people drink alcohol it can be dangerous! When people drink and drive it can cause an accident, and sometimes when people get in an accident, it can cause a death of the innocent person that was not drinking. So when people drink, it can be deadly not only to you but to other people too!

One time in D.A.R.E. class our D.A.R.E. deputy, showed us Mr. Dip lip. Mr. Dip lip is a model of a mouth that has chewed tobacco for many years. IT’S DISGUSTING! When you chew your mouth will end up like Mr. Dip lips mouth. With yellow teeth, a big sore bump on its lip from where he puts his tobacco. Tobacco can cause all of that to happen, possibly even mouth cancer! Tobacco is not illegal but it is illegal when people buy it under the age 18.

After everything I have learned in D.A.R.E. I will never smoke, do drugs or drink because, if people do that stuff, they can get hurt really bad and it is bad for your body. So I promise to NEVER do drugs! I have had many family members die of cancer mostly because of smoking, and we don’t need any more of it! So I promise to NEVER do drugs.

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This week we went to 6th grade camp. When we arrived we went to the lodge to unpack our stuff and make our bed. After that we went outside to find out who was in our trail group. I didn’t really know some people in my group, but after a couple days I got to know them better.

One person in my group named  Emily was my friend before camp, but we didn’t talk that much. After camp me and Emily became closer and we spend almost all of our recess together. I think I also  got to know Lindsey more too. Me and Kyra were already best friends, but I’m glad we were in a group together so i can spend time with her.All of the people in my group was Emily, Kyra, Lindsey, Austin D. Hayley, Dustin C, Nick U, and Jakob.

The first class my group had we went back in time and when we did we made our own candles and head bands. My favorite class was the stream study, because we got to get wet! It was cold but fun. When we did the stream study we did a lot of walking. We had to do only 2 classes a day! On a school day we normally have 5 classes a day (counting special).

The very last class we had at camp was the wall climb. It was really fun because everyone in my group made it to the top, some people had trouble but they still made it. In between classes we had lunch. Then after all of our classes, we have dinner, after we have dinner we sing some songs, get a snack then get ready for bed.

My group was group #4. Our group was one of the smaller groups, there was only 9 people in our group. (counting me) There were 5 groups. The higher the group number was, the less people there was in each group.

On the first day of camp we made up a skit, we preformed the last night of camp. Everybody in every group had to be in a part of the skit. I think everybody’s skit was REALLY funny! Even the camp My groups skit was about this guy, made a machine that can make anything BIGGER! Even the camp staff had to do a skit! I think the camp staff did the funniest skit.

I had a BUNCH of fun at Camp! It was one of the best times of my life. The camp staff there is really nice. When I was at camp I made sure I used good manners for the fun activities  they put together for us. Anybody who has not went to camp Oty Okwa is missing out on a lot of fun. Camp also has really good food!

I think our group changed by the last day of camp, because we got to know each other better. We all spent most of camp together and we talked a lot more.

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Next week we have 6th grade camp, and I’m really excited! When my older brother went to camp a couple years ago, he said he had a BLAST! I really want to go through the fat man squeeze. Another good thing about camp is I hear they have really good food. I have been waiting for this day all year! I’m so excited!

At camp, I am shearing a bunk bed with my best friend Shala! My friend Belle is shearing a bunk bed with my friend Lisa.

On the day after we get back from camp we are back from camp, we get to go to the middle school for our orientation.

My Dreams

My Dreams

By: Katie


Once upon a time I was getting ready for bed. I got my fuzzy pj’s on with colorful hearts on them. They are my favorite pair of pj’s. I fluffed up my pillow, then laid my head down on my nice soft fluffy pillow and went to sleep.


Once I fell asleep, I had many dreams. Some were fun, some were scary and some just turned out bad. The first dream I had was about, me driving my mom’s car. I drove all of the way to Columbus. I went shopping at Wal-Mart and when I backed up… I ran into a bunch of nice cars, and that is when I woke up. I a drink of water, fluffed my pillow and went back to sleep.


Once I fell back asleep… I had a dream about when my friend Belle and I switched lives. The first thing I did in Belles life was go to cheerleading practice. I was not really used to cheerleading because, in my life I’m not a cheerleader! When I got to Belles house, I had to do my homework, but it was hard to do because Belle’s little sister kept on pulling my hair wanting to play Barbie. Then when I finished my homework, I had to go to bed and after I fell asleep in my dream I woke up in real life. Once I woke up I fell back asleep like 5 sec. later.


After I fell asleep again I had a dream when I turned into a fairy. When I was a fairy, I had long beautiful curly hair, a long sparkly purple dress and purple high heels. When I grew my wings they turned out to be gold and sparkly. Once I learned how to fly… I ran into a tree and broke my left wing. After that they took me to the hospital and put a blue cast on my wing. I was NOT happy about the blue cast because blue does not go with purple!


Then I woke up to my dog barking at my cat. After I woke up for the last time I realized it was morning.


Best Friends!

Best Friends

Best friends are people who is always by your side

Best friends are with you through the good and bad.

Best friends keep your secrets and promises

Best friends stick up for you when your in trouble

Best friends don’t lie or tell rumors about you.

Best friends like you for who you are

Best friends are gonna be with you till the end.

Best friends are trustworthy.

Best friends are awesome!

Do you have a REAL best friend?


I can’t wait till summer! In the beginning of June my grandma is taking my brother and I to Georgia! We can’t leave until my softball season is over. In Georgia I am going to visit my Aunt Lorraine and Aunt Loretta. I can hardly tell them apart because they are twins. One way I can tell them apart it my Aunt Loretta has a daughter named Ashley, but when Ashley is not with my Aunt Loretta, i am LOST!

So that is a reason I can’t wait till sumer! Also during the summer I get to sleep in!

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